Ends on August 1, 2019

Foglifter will award two LGBTQ+ Bay Area Emerging Writer Fellowships that will run from September 2019 through June of 2020. The first will be awarded to an LGBTQ+ transitional-age youth (18–25 years old). The second will be awarded to an LGBTQ+ writer aged 50+ years-old.

These fellowships will amplify LGBTQ+ transitional youth and elders’ marginalized voices and provide them access to a larger literary community. The fellowship stipend ($1,500 each, paid in two disbursements of $750 [October & May]) will reward, encourage, and empower the fellows' writing. Foglifter will nurture and support their continued writing and publishing, offering them publicity and welcoming them into our literary community with open arms. As fellows, they will also learn publishing and event curation skills, enabling them to further their expertise in the publishing and literary arts world.

Each fellow will have the opportunity to participate in the production cycle of a literary journal issue from start to finish. They can select the part of the process they would like to concentrate on—reading and voting on poetry, prose, or hybrid submissions, community engagement, production, or editing. Additionally, Foglifter will feature the fellows' writing in Volume 5, Issue 1, to be released in April of 2020. The fellows will read at the release party reading at Strut, alongside five other LGBTQ+ writers published in the issue. Finally, in the spring of 2020, both fellows will collaborate to artistically curate and produce an intergenerational Foglifter reading featuring six LGBTQ+ writers (18-25 or 50+) of their choosing.

With this fellowship, Foglifter hopes to foster intergenerational collaboration and artistic vision-sharing across ages. We aim to strengthen the range of voices heard in the literary and queer community, and to disseminate those new voices to the larger public. We will also uplift the talents of emerging LGBTQ+ writers, providing these emerging artists mentorship to learn new skills in the publishing industry. 

Fellowship Criteria:

  • LGBTQ+
  • 18–25
  • Prose, poetry, or hybrid writer
  • not currently enrolled as a full-time student
  • has not published a book
  • has no more than 10 publication credits
  • interested in publishing
  • interested in intergenerational conversations

POC, people with disabilities encouraged to apply.